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Fluid Sizing Instead Of Multiple Media Queries?

If you like math and CSS, you’ll love this one. We don’t need to use media queries to change the values of some CSS properties — *font-size*, *padding*, *margin* etc. — depending on the viewport width, with the CSS `clamp` function. But: we still need to use media queries for changing colors, borders, shadows and other CSS styles.

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Testable Frontend: The Good, The Bad And The Flaky

Testing is not just about tools and processes. It’s about architecture. In this article, Noam Rosenthal will share his experience on how to organize testing and find the right balance between front-end and subsystems and between different strategies.

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Powerful Image Optimization Tools

Optimizing the size of images can have a bigger impact on performance than all other areas combined. In this article, Louis Lazaris covers different tools available for reducing the size of images.

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