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DanzLive started out in 2010 as a specialised server hosting provider with the focus on providing tailored solutions to our clients. Since then we have grown from strength to strength and now proudly offer a range of services from graphic and digital design, to advanced application development and software integration. Our secret to success? We consider our closely knit team of developers, designers and marketers to be our greatest asset, and we therefore continually aim to provide the skills, tools and a productive working environment where everyone can deliver only their best.

Digital Solutions

The demand for tailored software and application solutions for businesses, along with the necessity to integrate seamlessly into existing software has never been higher.  With the constant innovations in the field the possibilities seem virtually endless. However, in order to achieve success when developing custom software, you need a team that is able to create what you need and when you need it. Our experience and ability to deploy the correct solution based on a company’s needs  puts us at the cutting edge of specialised digital solutions.


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Graphic Design

The professional art of using design elements such as typography and images to visually convey information in an aesthetically appealing manner.

UX / UI design

UI design: process of creating a user friendly graphical interface. UX design: Understanding the user's journey and turning it into a product.

Website development

The building, creating, and maintaining of websites, including programming, design, publishing and database management.

E-Commerce Platform

An online shop for buying and selling of goods or services, and the transfer of data and money during the transactions.

What's News?

Fluid Sizing Instead Of Multiple Media Queries?

If you like math and CSS, you’ll love this one. We don’t need to use media queries to change the values of some CSS properties — *font-size*, *padding*, *margin* etc. — depending on the viewport width, with the CSS `clamp` function. But: we still need to use media queries for changing colors, borders, shadows and other CSS styles.

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Testable Frontend: The Good, The Bad And The Flaky

Testing is not just about tools and processes. It’s about architecture. In this article, Noam Rosenthal will share his experience on how to organize testing and find the right balance between front-end and subsystems and between different strategies.

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