Computer Services



We understand that your computer can be the most important tool at your disposal, We provide a combination of basic and advanced services around computer hardware. We can provide anything from basic hardware maintenance and supply requirements through to customized hand built machines. Do you need some help looking for the right equipment? We can help you with just about anything.

Maintenance and Servicing

Do you need a professional to perform regular maintenance at any level you require? We can help by providing either local or remote servicing of all computer hardware. This may include long term planning of equipment services and or replacements as well as performing regular servicing to ensure longevity of all the systems involved. With this we are able to help build a schedule to minimize unexpected expenses as well as keeping operational costs to a minimum.

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”


We are well aquainted with the computer supply industry in South Africa and maintain a close relationship with them to ensure our customers are provided the highest level of service. We are able to provide you with anything from the highest-end gaming equipment to the most common of office computing hardware. We understand that all computers are built with a specific task in mind and that this may require an experienced computer builder to ensure that you are able to utilize your computer when you need it most.



Are you struggling to keep up with the sheer amount of updates and vulnurabilities being announced everyday? Let us worry about the technicalities and assist you with maintaining your software suites. We provide a number of update and maintenance options for every possible software setup you could require. Anything from business database maintenance to making sure your emails are working properly.

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